Jan 21, 2011

An afternoon at the gallery.


A follow-up tale from the Incredible Hulk storylines “Ghosts of the Past” and Future Imperfect, in the past, the Abomination scolds the homeless people he protects for venturing up to the surface as Betty #6 goes into labor with her child and Char lies dying in the underground tunnels. Po, a large rebel who had been knocked unconscious during the fight with the Police, awakens and is instantly angered by the site of the Abomination of the past. He grabes a pipe and attacks the Abomination, who shrugs off the attack and flings Po across the tunnel. Meanwhile, Shulk arrives in the past in great pain. Kaspin senses something wrong with her brain, but Shulk shrugs it off and burrows underground to find Betty #6. Shulk finds the underground tunnels and is confronted by the past Abomination. Shulk and the past Abomination do battle, and she succeeds in smashing him through the tunnel. The rebels attack Shulk to protect the baby, but are quickly defeated. She is poised to kill Betty #6, who informs Shulk that the baby is not actually the Maestro's. Betty #6 tells Shulk that it was a lie simply to save herself and the rebels from the mutates. Shulk hesitates, but is still ready to kill them when she suddenly collapses. Kaspin is the cause of her collapse, as he cannot allow her to kill a helpless baby. The Abomination smashes back into the tunnel only to find Shulk near death. Shulk calls the Abomination over to her and whispers something to him that only he can hear before she dies.
This page is the series wrapup.

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I picked this up directly from Brad Vancata many years ago. One of the things that appealed to me was the fact that Angel Medina’s work reminds me so much of Jim Starlin’s and that’s not a slight against Medina who has chops in his own right. It’s a great page too and ironically enough I’ve never actually read the mini series.

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Peter said...

Your Comic art is awesome! Wish I had thought of collecting the artwork rather than the comics back in the day..